These Wonderful Women

I have started a new writing project called These Wonderful Women. To check it out or subscribe, please click here.

From the About page:

These Wonderful Women is a project born out of an experiment to focus less on being “more creative”, and instead on seeking inspiration from some truly incredible resources. I am surrounded by women who are fearless in their quest to build, tune and leverage their talents, who explore new paths in life, overcome challenges, and intricately sew creativity into their daily lives. These women challenge the traditional definition of what it means to be creative (they are not just artists, but athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, care givers, fashion designers, and comedians) and face their fears either in their ability to stay the course or by being unafraid of constant change. My goal is to ask these women questions, pick their brains and seek their advice—to bear witness to their incredible accomplishments and share their stories with others.

Thank you!

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