various ways in which i’ve been lucky with men (a love letter for joel)


change for love

1. i cross the street in purple Fluevog boots when a homeless man yells out “hey you in the purple boots! i like the way you do that!”

2. a homeless man asks me if i have a charger for his smartphone, then asks me for my phone number.

3. a man [not homeless!] leans out of his car window and says “you’re a fox!”.  i trip on my own feet and fall in the middle of the street.

4. a boy sits next to me on the bus. he tells me that when he hasn’t had sex in a long time, he works out a lot, gets angsty and gets into fights. then he asks for my phone number.

5. walking to my car from the office, a man stops his car, puts it in reverse, and drives next to me, following me to my car while making kissing noises.

6. i ask out a boy for the first time in my life ever. after months of flirting. after months of thinking about it. he replies: “i’m gay”.

7. i date a bi-polar salesman who breaks up with me every Tuesday for six months.

8. i go to a party. i find out the cute boy is now single. we talk and laugh. we fall in love.

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