the art of arguments

recently, a co-worker told me that her three year old son, ashton, got into trouble at daycare. he had folded a piece of paper into the shape of a sword, taped it up, and began to engage in combat with the other children.  his teacher, seeing him, pulled ashton aside.

“what is this?” she asked, pointing to his weapon.

“it’s a sword,” ashton answered.

and so she confiscated it, told him it was dangerous, and sat him in a chair over by the wall in a “time out”.

after she left him to attend to the other children, ashton got up, got another piece of paper and returned to his chair. he folded it into the same shape as before and taped it up, just like before.

the teacher, seeing this, returned.

“what is this?” she asked, annoyed.

“it’s a book,” ashton replied.

strangely, with that, the teacher left him alone to play.

it should be noted that both of ashton’s parents are attorneys.

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